Новые версии Srorjshare

new storjshare-daemon release v5.1.0

url: https://github.com/Storj/storjshare-daemon/releases/tag/v5.1.0

  • remove maxOfferConcurrency #257
  • updates for snap releases #261
  • allow nodes with an allocated space size of up to 8TiB #252
  • verify checksum of Ethereum payout addresses #260
  • bumps storj-lib version to v8.1.0 #262

new bridge release v7.0.1

url: https://github.com/Storj/bridge/releases/tag/v7.0.1

new core release v8.1.0

url: https://github.com/Storj/core/releases/tag/v8.1.0

  • improve farmer logging, paid and unpaid downloads #734
  • remove _pendingOffers #733

new Storj Share GUI v7. 1.0

url: https://github.com/Storj/storjshare-gui/releases/tag/v7.1.0

  • Update to storjshare-daemon v5.1.0
  • Update to storj-lib v8.1.0